Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Aura.Component[] : Lightning Framework Specific Attributes Type

We know that there are different attribute types supported for attribute in lightning like Boolean, date, datetime, decimal, double, integer, long, string, collections (list,set,map), sobjects, user defined data types(wrapper class) etc.

Below are 2 different types which are supported as attribute type and specific to lightning framework:
  • Aura.Component[]
  • Aura.Action
In this blog, we are going cover all aspect of Aura.Component[] attribute type. If you are interested in learning more about Aura.Action, then refer below blog:

Aura.Action : Lightning Framework Specific Attributes Type


An attribute of this type is considered as facet. You can use this in order to set markup to use it in multiple places.
You can consider it some what similar to defining templates with <apex:composition> in VF pages.

To set a default value for "Aura.Component[]", specify the default markup in the body of aura:attribute. For example:

<aura:attribute name="MarkupDetail" type="Aura.Component[]">
<p>Aura.Component[] default value</p>

So when this facet attribute(MarkupDetail) value is not set in component, then this default mark up will apear.

    <c:aurafacet >        
        <!--we are not setting MarkupDetail attribute value so this will display 
default body specified in MarkupDetail attribute--> 

Output will be:

Aura.Component[] default value

Below is sample code which include different components and usage of Aura.Component[] in it. Also it will explain how to reuse the component body.

Below is output snapshot:

Points to be noted:

  • When we didn't set the attribute value of type Aura.Component[], then it display default body specified within Aura.Component[].
  • When we set attribute value of type Aura.Component[], component will render based on given values.
  • Different div are being getting created with different content in that.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Way to get complete RecordType Information (like DeveloperName) using describe

In summer'18 release, new methods have been introduced through which we can retrieve all recordtype info using describe information. Below are 2 methods introduced in summer'18:

  • Schema.DescribeSObjectResult.getRecordTypeInfosByDeveloperName()
  • Schema.RecordTypeInfo.getDeveloperName()

Suppose you want to retrieve all recordtype information for account object then use below code:

Below is console output

Hope this help!!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Lightning Component Basics: Lightning Component Framework

In this blog, I am going to provide basic overview of lightning component framework.

Lightning component framework is being referred as MVCC modal.

  • Modal
  • View
  • Client-Side Controller
  • Server-Side Controller
In lightning components, Lightning bundle which contains component markup, controller.js (client-side), helper.js (for utility or reusable code) etc acts as primary interface and from client side controller, we can perform server side calls(apex class method invocations).

All calls from Lightning components to server are asynchronous call and we capture the response using callback function.

Below diagram will help you to understand Lightning component framework:

Hope this will help!!!

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