Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lightning Components Tutorial : Easy way to become Lightning developer

In this blog, I am going to share all lightning components concept which is required for Lightning developer starting from basics to advance topics.

You can learn lightning by following below blogs related to lightning.
  1. Lightning Component Basics: Lightning Component Framework
  2. Lightning Components Basics : Attributes, Expressions and Value Providers
  3. Lightning Components Basics : Handling Actions in Controller.js
  4. How to set or get picklist (drop down) values in Lightning Components
  5. Lightning Components Basics : Considerations while calling server-side controller actions
  6. Application Events : Way to Communicate Between Different Lightning Components
  7. Component Events: Way to Communicate Between Components in Containment Hierarchy
  8. Raising and Handling Custom Events in Salesforce Lightning
  9. Salesforce Lightning Events : Hands on Training Guide
  10. Salesforce 1 Events in Lightning Experience and Salesforce 1 app
  11. Lightning Data Services : Way to perform operation on records without using server-side Apex class
  12. Lightning Data Services : Hands on Training Guide
  13. Creating Lightning Components Dynamically
  14. Dynamically Creating and Destroying Lightning Button(ui:button)
  15. Adding Lightning Components in VF Page and Passing Values from URL
  16. Inheritance in Lightning Components
  17. Firing Event from Lightning Component and Passing Parameter to VF Page
  18. How to Fire Lightning Events from VF Page in Lightning
  19. Custom Component to show Loading Spinner in Lightning during Server or Client side Operations
  20. Why to use design resource in Lightning bundle and how to add dynamic Options in datasource for Design Component
  21. Formatting and Localizing dates in javascript in Lightning
  22. Using Chartjs in Lightning Components
  23. Lightning Tree : Generic Lightning Component to Display Hierarchy for any sObject
  24. Lightning:treegrid - Displaying Account hierarchy using treegrid
  25. Aura.Action : Lightning Framework Specific Attributes Type
  26. Aura.Component[] : Lightning Framework Specific Attributes Type

Hope this will help!!