Thursday, October 13, 2022

lightning-tree-grid - Account Hierarchy Using lightning-tree-grid in LWC

 In this blog, I am going share a approach through which you can display account hierarchy using lightning tree grid. You can place this lightning component on account record page and it will detect the current account record Id and will display the complete hierarchy.

I am utilising formula field called "Ultimate Account id" to avoid multiple SOQL in apex to get list of all account in the hierarchy. This component can display all account which are up to 10 level deep in hierarchy.

Please refer below URL to get more idea about Ultimate Account Id formula field.

How to get list of all accounts present in account hierarchy in Salesforce

In this LWC component, I am just passing the account Id to apex method and apex method returns all the account list which are present in hierarchy. In order to display account in tree grid, I am creating data in js which will be accepted by tree grid. So in this approach, manipulation on apex side is very simple.

Note: Create Ultimate Account Id formula field on account first in order to implement below code.

Complete Code:

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

How to get list of all accounts present in account hierarchy in Salesforce

 As a developer, we always get requirement to display records in their hierarchy (Account Hierarchy, Case Hierarchy etc). Using SOQL queries, its really tough to get all accounts in hierarchy as we have to fire multiple SOQL queries to get ultimate parent record id if we are on a record which is 3 or 4 level down in hierarchy. 

Instead of achieving everything using SOQL, we can create formula field "Ultimate Account Id" in account object which will store ultimate account record id on all account records present in account hierarchy. As formula field allows you to refer upto 10 parent, we can easily get list of all account in account hierarchy upto 10 levels.

Below is formula for Ultimate Account Id.

Now if you know account record id, just get Ultimate Account Id field value and then query all accounts which have this ultimate account Id.

Below is static method which can be used to get list of all account present in account hierarchy.

public static list<Account> findAllHierarchyAccounts(string recordId){
list<Account> allAccountList=new List<Account>();
string ultimateAccountId;
for(Account acc:[select Ultimate_Account_Id__c from Account where Id=:recordId]){
for(Account acc:[select id,Name,ParentId
from Account where Ultimate_Account_Id__c=:ultimateAccountId]){
system.debug('***allAccountList size:'+allAccountList);
return allAccountList;

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Considerations for using Platform Events

Platform really helps in setting up custom notifications within salesforce or for external system. While utilising the platform events in salesforce, you need to consider below things:

  • Record Owner considerations

Whenever you create record from after insert using triggers, then ownerid of those records will be Automated Process by default. If you have set current user as record owner, then specify ownerid of created records as createdbyId of event.

Account acc= new Account(name='test account through Demo platform event',OwnerId = event.createdById);

  • Platform Event Trigger do not provide Email Support
As automated process user does not have email address, sending an email message from a platform event trigger using the Messaging.SingleEmailMessage class is not supported. As a workaround, send emails via email alert where the From Email Address is NOT "Current User's Email Address" but rather some other organization-wide email or default workflow user. 

In Apex, use the SingleEmailMessage.setOrgWideEmailAddressId method to set the org-wide email. 

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