Monday, October 30, 2017

Lightning Tree : Generic Lightning Component to Display Hierarchy for any sObject

In API version 41.0, Salesforce has introduce new component called lightning:tree. This can be used to display hierarchy in tree structure. Before this, we have to used jquery or other javascript libraries to implement this.

After introduction of lightning:tree, it is very easy to use this and implement this in short time.

I have created a generic lightning component to display records hierarchy in tree structure. You just have specify below attributes to component to display tree structure:

  • ltngcurrentRecId : Salesforce 15 or 18 digit Id of any record for which you want to see hierarchy.
  • ltngSobjectname : sObject API name (like Account, Case, Position__c etc.)
  • ltngParentFieldAPIName : Field API name which creates self relationship between records.
  • ltngLabelFieldAPIName : Field API name which will be used to display records in tree structure(like Name, CaseNumber, Title__c etc.).
  • ltngHierarchyHeader : Header label which will be displayed above tree structure.

Below is complete complete code for your reference:

You can use this code as reference and can implement different logic.

Hope this will help!!!

Looking forward for everyone's comments and suggestions.


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  2. Is there any way to return additional fields for the tree as well? Perhaps even just a name + text field?

  3. Hi,

    Create formula field and concatenate all the fields values as per required format and then refer that formula field in "ltngLabelFieldAPIName" attribute.

    Hope this helps!!