Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to fix error while deploying new custom objects along with list views to new Org

Below are the two different errors we got when we deploy new custom object along with list view to new org through single single package:

  • Error: This View Unique Name already exists or has been previously used. Please choose a different name
First error happens if you have list view on object which is shared with all internal users. If you remove below tags from exported metadata of list view, then you will not get this error.


After removing these tags, I was able to deploy successfully.

  • Added entity: New_Object__c support on queue: New_Queue
This error happens because your list view refers to queue and same queue refer to same object.

  • Split your package for deployment because there is dependency between object, list view and queues. Deploy these three things separately. 
  • First deploy custom object with basic information. Remove list views tags from .object file before deployment.
Best Solution:

Create custom object manually in target org and deploy the package. This is best approach as you don't have to change any metadata files.


Deployment errors also come if you deploy approval process which contains approver as queue and those quesues refer to same object on which you have approval process. So always first create custom object in target org and then deploy queues and then deploy remaining things.

Hope this will help!!!

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