Monday, September 29, 2014

Quote to Cash Certification Overview

Quote-to-Cash Certification, is a free certification program designed for quoting and contracting knowledge. This certification consists of five video modules, followed by an online test to earn certification badge.

You need to register for this course on . After registration, you will get access to 5 training videos and study guide which will help you to clear the certification quiz.

In short, Quote to cash is integrated package of below mentioned functionality:
  • Integrated CPQ, contract management & revenue management-
  • Compensation management that incents reps to offer better deals-
  • Echo sign e-Signature for speedy quoting and contract cycles
  • Sync order details to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Salesforc

Different modules involved:
  • Quote-to-Cash- Introduction and its benefits
  • Introduction to Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
  • Minimizing Risk & Maximizing Revenue with Contract Management
  • Getting Real Insight Into Cash with Effective Revenue Management
  • Quote-to-Cash Success on Salesforce1

This training module will give you functional knowledge of Quote to cash process, helps in understanding CPQ and will explain what are challenges customers are facing to close deals faster . It also describe the functionality provide by APTTUS –Quote to cash package in order to deal with all the challenges while proposing deals or closing the deals.

Features which I like the most in Quote to cash:
  • 100% native to Salesforce so need to integrate it with any 3rd party quoting tool.
  • Guide selling: It provide an ability to configure this app in such a way that sales reps can ask question from customer related to their requirement s and interest and system will populate the suggested products
  • Marked as favorites:  Sales reps can specify products or combination of different products as favorites so that they don’t have to search it every time.
  • Ability to configure discounts at account or partner level, quote level and quote line item level.
  • Availability of API’s related to all CPQ functionality so that developers can customize the app based on customer requirements.
  • Ability to configure E-commerce for external customer easily by using Exposed API’s provided by APTTUS.


  1. how to get certificate after completion/clearing QTC certification online? Please mail details

    1. Just go here:

    2. Incorrect. The email displayed on that page bounces back.
      "Your message to couldn't be delivered.
      The group certification only accepts messages from people in its organization or on its allowed senders list, and your email address isn't on the list."

      Feels like Apttus has decided to simply ignore this certification and its test takers. :-(

  2. Hi Sunil,
    I have completed this quite to cash training and certification but I have not received any certificate email. also when I tried to write email @ my email is getting bounced.
    can you please let me know what to do ??

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