Friday, October 14, 2016

Batch Apex Job Progress Bar

We can display the progress of Batch Apex job on UI to user. Apex allows you to query the job status by query AsyncApexJob  object and getting all details about running job like status, JobItemsProcessed, NumberOfErrors, TotalJobItems etc. By using apex, we can manipulate the result and display the progress bar for batch job.

Suppose you already have Apex Batch class written. Here for example "RecordTypeAccessFinder" is batch class is already present.

Below is VF page and Apex class Code:


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  4. where is Batch class "RecordTypeAccessFinder" code

    1. Hi jyothi,

      It was assumption that you want to display progress bar for "RecordTypeAccessFinder". You can replace with any batch class that you have in your org and see the progress bar.

      Hope this help!!


  5. Hello Sunil - Any tips to write a test class on this?

  6. Hello Sunil - I am trying to write a class for the controller. However I seem to have got stuck when I attempt to pass the batchid as its returning a null. Could you please help me know how do I go about this?

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