Friday, December 23, 2016

Enabling Debug Log for Public User (Guest User license) after Winter 17 Release

Before winter 17 release, you can enable debug logs for site users (Guest users related to sites) but after winter 17 release, Salesforce is not capturing the logs of site users as large number of events can quickly fill the debug logs.

So in order to enable logs for site users if you have to debug some issue related to VF page hosted on site, then you have to set special cookie in user's browser.

Follow below steps in order to set cookie in google chrome:

  • Navigate to your site.
  • Open Chrome Developer tools or press Cntrl + Shift + J.
  • Enter below instruction to set cookie
    • If you use a domain, use this command. document.cookie="debug_logs=debug_logs;";

    • If you use a custom domain (for example,, then use document.cookie="debug_logs=debug_logs;";
To set a browser cookie in for other browsers, you have to install a plug-in or extension.

1 comment:

  1. I have one integration user, which is used for creating cases on salesforce. But even after placing the debug log in rest class, I am not able to see the debug statements in debug_logs. Do you have any idea about this?