Saturday, December 16, 2017

Insufficient Privileges : How to troubleshoot record access issue in Salesforce

"Insufficient Privileges" is common error which appears on user interface if user tries to access/edit a record. As we know that apart from OWD and profile, record can be shared by using sharing rules, role hierarchy, manual sharing or apex sharing.

If some user report this kind of issue, then instead of checking all sharing options, we can directly run below query to check what kind of access that user have for given record.

SELECT RecordId, HasReadAccess, HasTransferAccess, MaxAccessLevel, HasAllAccess, HasDeleteAccess, HasEditAccess FROM UserRecordAccess  WHERE UserId = “005xxxxxxxxx”AND RecordId = “001xxxxxxxx”

Where 005xxxxxxxxx is user id and  001xxxxxxxx is record Id.

HasAllAccess Indicates whether a user has all access–read, edit, delete, and transfer—to the record (true) or not (false).
HasReadAccess, HasEditAccess , HasDeleteAccess ,HasTransferAccess return Boolean value.
MaxAccessLevel return access level like None, read, Edit,Delete,Transfer and All.

This query will help to understand whether user has access to record or not. After that you can check different options (sharing rules, role, apex sharing etc.) to find out why that user is not having access to record.

Hope this will help!!!


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