Sunday, July 8, 2018

Create Custom Metadata Types Using Metadata API

As we know, custom metadata is also considered as metadata due to which it helps to migrate predefined settings between different Organizations. If we use custom setting, then we need to upload custom records separately after migrating custom settings.

By using, Metadata API we can create apex script to create custom metadata.

You can either download Metadata API WSDL from Salesforce and generate apex class by clicking on Generate from WSDL button.

Or you can download the MetadataService class from below link:


Below is custom metadata created for explaining the apex code:

Below is code snippet to create custom metadata record.

Execute this static method from execute anonymous and check if records created or not.


Below is snapshot of record created

You can use above code sample to create records in custom metadata. You can maintain .csv file with all custom metadata records and parse it with apex and then create record in custom metadata.

In order to understand when to use custom setting or custom metadata type and their implementation tricks, please refer below URL:

Custom Metadata Types and Custom Settings Implementation Tricks

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  1. Can you help me with the Updating of Metadata records using Metadata API?