Thursday, June 6, 2019

Fire Platform Events from Batch Apex using Database.RaisesPlatformEvents Interface

With Summer'19 release (API version 44 or later), now it is possible to fire platform events from batch apex. So whenever any error or exception occurs, you can fire platform events which can be handled by different subscriber.

Batch class needs to implement "Database.RaisesPlatformEvents" interface in order to fire platform event.

global class SK_AccountProcessBatch implements Database.Batchable<sObject>,Database.RaisesPlatformEvents{
   //batch logic

To understand more about platform events please refer below links

Platform Events : Way to Deliver Custom Notifications within Salesforce or to external Application

Here I will be writing simple batch class which process account records and if any errors occurs during update, then all account record Ids will be published using platform event.

I have created platform event with below mentioned fields:

Below is batch apex code which will fire platform event and I wrote a trigger which will subscribe to platform event.

I have used Database.Stateful interface to store the record ids which are getting failed in each batch execution. In finish method, I am firing platform event with all failed records Ids.

Below is logs generated by trigger which will get executed whenever platform event is fired.

In order to see debug logs for platform events subscription, add a trace flag entry for the Automated Process entity in Setup. The debug logs aren’t available in the Developer Console’s Log tab.

Navigate to SetUp --> Debug Logs --> New
  • For Traced Entity Type, select Automated Process.
  • Select the time period to collect logs and the debug level.
  • Click Save.
I have also created a lightning component which will subscribe to platform events and will display the event message as shown below in snapshot:

Please refer below link to understand how to use platform events in lightning components:

Handling Platform Events in Lightning Components

Hope this will help!!!


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