Friday, April 17, 2020

Get the Content (Blob) of File from Box and Store/Manipulate it in Salesforce

Through this blog, I am going to share sample apex script through which you can get content of file from box as blob and then store or manipulate it within salesforce.

I have already written a blog to explain how to get box access token (needed for handshake with Box) and to display file content in salesforce in VF page without storing it in salesforce. You can cosider it as Mashup inSalesforce. Please refer below URL to that:

Box and Salesforce Integration

In order to get box file content, we need to have box file Id and box access token.

Box does not provide direct API to get file content. First you need to do callout to get download URL and then you perform another API callout to get file content. Also you perform another API call to get file details like filename in order to store it in salesforce.

I am going to store box file in salesforce library for demo purpose. You can store it as attachments or read the content on the fly to perform some logic instead of saving it.

Add below URLs in remote site settings before performing the callouts:

Below is required code and it is self explainatory as comments are mentioned for each methods:

Now run below script in developer console:

string boxFileId='6542xxx28604';
string access_token='0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxredx0P';
string sfdcLibraryName='Box_File_Library';
string boxFilename= SK_BoxAPIUtilityClass.findFileNameFromBox(boxFileId,access_token);

Use Case

During sandbox refresh, all custom settings data gets refreshed from production values. So before refresh, you have to take back up each custom settings data and after refresh, you need to update the custom setting records. In order to automate this, you can write script through which you can push all custom setting data to box folder. Code to upload the files from Salesforce to box is already shared in blog  Box and Salesforce Integration.

Now we need to get the content of all csv files stored in box and update the custom setting in salesforce. Once you get the content of file, you can parse csv file and update custom settings.

Hope this helps!!!


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