Tuesday, July 4, 2023

EntityDefinition - How to get list of all objects present in any SFDC org using tooling API

Salesforce provide Metadata API through which we can metadata information present in any SFDC org. Metadata API is SOAP based which involves consuming WSDL and then calling methods provided in WSDL.

Salesforce has introduced Tooling API which is REST based and can be used to get metadata information from any salesforce org. Tooling API is very easy to implement.

EntityDefinition provides information about standard and custom metadata. Before invoking any Tooling API endpoint, we need to do handshake with SFDC org. You can utilise Oauth 2.0 (username-password flow) or create "Named Credential" for SFDC org from which you want to fetch information.

Below is Apex class which contains method through which we can get all object details:

"findAllObjects" Method contains 3 parameters: 

  • selOrgNCName : Name of Named Credential created to connect to SFDC org
  • namespacePrefix : Specify namespacePrefix if you want to retrieve objects related to any installed packages. If you want to get list of objects created in SFDC org, then specify blank or NULL.
  • objName : specify search string if you want to get list of specific objects that contain that string. Pass blank or NULL if you want to retrieve all objects.

Hope this will help!!


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