Friday, August 24, 2018

Way to get list of Scheduled reports and Jobs from Salesforce

This is very common ask from business admins or end users to get list of schedule reports or schedule jobs (batch jobs, scheduled jobs etc) from Salesforce.

There is no standard view provided by Salesforce to view list of scheduled reports or reports. Users have to navigate to Monitor section under SetUp.

This section display list of jobs either schedule or completed jobs but does not provide complete list of jobs.

By using apex, you get the list of schedule reports or jobs in csv format via email. 

Please find below the apex code for that:

Now if you have to get list of scheduled reports in your org, then just execute below script in developer console:

  • For getting list of scheduled reports:         SK_ScheduleJobUtility.findScheduledJobDetails('Report Run');

  • For getting list of scheduled batch jobs:         SK_ScheduleJobUtility.findScheduledJobDetails('Batch Job');

  • For getting list of scheduled apex jobs:        SK_ScheduleJobUtility.findScheduledJobDetails('Scheduled Apex');

Important Use case

Sometime reports are scheduled by user which becomes inactive, then all system admin start getting email saying:

"The user account that runs the report (the running user) is inactive."

This utility will send email along with user details which will help in identifying all inactive user for whom reports are scheduled as running user.

Hope this will help!!

Looking forward for everyone's comments and feedback.


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