Saturday, February 16, 2019

How to get User Locale information in Lightning Components

Lightning framework provide $Locale which can be used to get current user preferred locale. For example you can get user preferred timezone, language, currency format etc.

In Spring'19, Salesforce introduces new date-time $Locale attributes for date- time formattingas mentioned below:
  • longDateFormat ("MMMM d, yyyy")                              
  • shortDateFormat ("M/d/yyyy")
  • shortDatetimeFormat ("M/d/yyyy h:mm a")
  • shortTimeFormat ("h:mm a")
You can refer this global variable either directly in lightning component markup or in controller.js  file.

Below is sample code:

Snapshot of lightning component

For detailed information on Locale global variable, please refer below URL:
$Locale in Lightning Component

Hope this will help!!!

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