Thursday, February 21, 2019

How to update Chatter User Profile Photo using Connect API

The "connectapi" provide classess and static methods to access chatter data which is available through Chatter REST API. This is also referred as "Chatter in Apex". It exposes the data in localized and structured way.

Chatter in apex provides "UserProfiles" class which provides different methods to access information about users profile data.

Before version 35, "Chatterusers" class was there which was used to access information about users, such as activity, followers, subscriptions, files, and groups. Now this class is not available.

We will use UserProfiles class to update chatter user photo. You can either upload the image in documents or at any place. We need blob representation of that image and can be used to update profile photo using blob variable.

Below is sample code:

Document doc=[SELECT id, body FROM Document  WHERE Name='ProfilePhoto' LIMIT 1];
//set the photo on the user's profile
ConnectApi.UserProfiles.setPhoto(null, UserInfo.getUserId(), new ConnectApi.BinaryInput(doc.body,'image/jpg','user.jpg'));

I Have uploaded image in documents and then updating the profile photo on chatter.

setPhoto method require below attributes:
  • communityId (string)- specify the community Id or specify null for internal users
  • userid(string)- 15 digit or 18 digit user recordId 
  • Image details (ConnectApi.Binary​​Input) -  you need to specify the blob(content of file), MIME type of content and file name(string).

If you store profile photo in files, then you can use below syntax to update chatter profile photo:

ConnectApi.UserProfiles.setPhoto(null, UserInfo.getUserId(), '0690I00000D42WT',null);

This method takes 4 parameters
  • communityId (string)- specify the community Id or specify null for internal users.
  • userid(string)- 15 digit or 18 digit user's recordId.
  • fileId(string) - 15 or 18 digit file Id.
  • version number(integer) - Version number of the existing file. Specify either an existing version number, or null to get the latest version.
Hope this will help!!


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