Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fetch All Workflow Email Alert Details Related to Object Using Tooling API

Through this blog, I will sharing script which can help to get complete information about all the email alerts configured in Salesforce using workflow rules for any sObject.

Imagine a scenario in which you need to extract all email alert configured or created for different workflow rules for specific object so that it can be reviewed or analyzed. If you do this activity manually then you have to open each workflow email alert and note down details like recipient, ccEmails, senderAddress, email template etc. This will be very hectic if you have lots of email configured.

In order to solve this scenario, I am using Tooling API through which we can get complete details about workflow email alert. Through apex script, we can generate these details and send email (with csv file as attachment) to user with all details.

First of all, inorder to parser JSON response, we need to create apex class (SK_EmailAlertJSONParser) which will act as parser for JSON. After this we can run the script in developer console and user will get email with all information regarding email alert.

Below is snapshot of csv file that we will receive after running above script in developer console.
I have specified objectId as "Contact". For custom object, specify 15 digit or 18 digit id.

This script can be used to fetch information from other salesforce org also. Suppose you don't want to deploy this script in production, then save SK_EmailAlertJSOnParser class in sandbox and in developer console (using execute anonymous window)  just specify the domainUrl for production and sessiond id production for admin user.

Don't forget to add domainUrl in remote site settings before running this script in execute anonymous window in developer console.

Hope this will help!!1


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