Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Salesforce Interview Questions-Objects & Fields Part-1

1. What is difference between standard objects and custom objects?
Standard are objects are predefined by Salesforce like Accounts, Case, Contact etc. Custom object are created by developers based upon application requirements.

2. What are system modifiable fields. Whether these fields can be modified?
Fields like createdby, createddate, modifiedby, modifieddate are system modifiable fields. These fields cann’t be modified. If you want to upload historical data and want to specify values for these fields, then you need to contact salesforce and they will make these fields available for certain duration.
Remember you can specify these fields while doing insert only. You cannot update these fields after insertion. System modifiable fields are available through API’s only not on UI. As a best practice always enable these fields only for initial data migration.

3. True or False: The Created Date can be updated for a record via the API as long as the Modifiable System Fields id turned on.
False. These fields are available for insert and cannot be updated once uploaded.

4. Does salesforce stores the deleted objects and fields?
Yes, salesforce stores the deleted objects and fields for 15 days in recycle bin. You can restore or undelete them from recycle bin.

5. What are external Ids? Does external ids are unique in salesforce?
A field of type external id is a unique id of records from another system. The performance of reports and SOQL is better for fields defined as external ids. Fields of type number, text and email can be set as external id. Each object can have upto three external ids.
External ids are not unique in salesforce. You need select unique and external id checkboxes while creating fields to make external ids unique.
Advantages of External Id:
-Increase report and API SOQL performance
-Used with upsert to easily integrate apps with other systems


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