Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Salesforce Interview Questions-Sharing & Security Part-2

6. When Share button will be available on record detail page?

When OWD for object is “Public Read Only” or “Private”.
If OWD is Public Read-Write, then everyone in org have access to all records of object.

7. How to check whether user has access to a particular record or not?

Query “userRecordAccess” to check whether has access to record or not.
For example:
SELECT RecordId, HasReadAccess, HasTransferAccess, MaxAccessLevel, HasAllAccess, HasDeleteAccess, HasEditAccess FROM UserRecordAccessWHERE UserId = “005xxxxxxxxx”AND RecordId = “001xxxxxxxx”
HasAllAccess Indicates whether a user has all access–read, edit, delete, and transfer—to the record (true) or not (false).
HasReadAccess, HasEditAccess , HasDeleteAccess ,HasTransferAccess return Boolean value.
MaxAccessLevel return access level like None, read, Edit,Delete,Transfer and All.

8. What will happen if a field is hidden through Field level security and user search a values in that field?

Field-level security doesn’t prevent searching on the values in a field. When search terms match on field values protected by field-level security, the associated records are returned in the search results without the protected fields and their values.

9. What does “View all” and “Modify all” permission do at object level?
  • When you grant “View All” or “Modify All” for an object on a profile or permission set, you grant any associated users access to all records of that object regardless of the sharing and security settings.
  • In essence, the “View All” and “Modify All” permissions ignore the sharing model, role hierarchy, and sharing rules that the “Create,” “Read,” “Edit,” and “Delete” permissions respect. Furthermore, “Modify All” also gives a user the ability to mass transfer, mass update, and mass delete records of that specific object, and approve such records even if the user is not a designated approver.
  • These tasks are typically reserved for administrators, but because “View All” and “Modify All” let us selectively override the system, responsibilities that are usually reserved for the administrator can be delegated to other users in a highly controlled fashion.

10. If object-level permissions conflict with record-level permissions, then what will happen?

If object-level permissions conflict with record-level permissions, Salesforce applies the most restrictive settings.
  • If a user’s profile grants him update permission on an object, he will not be able to edit records of that type owned by other users unless read/write record-sharing has been granted.
  • If read/write sharing has been granted, a user whose profile does not specify update permission will not be able to edit records of that type.

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