Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Salesforce Interview Questions-Objects & Fields Part-4

16. Is it possible to change master-detail relationship to lookup relationship?
If the parent object doesn’t have Roll up Summary fields for the child object then we can convert.

17. Is it possible to create the Master – Detail Relationship field for the child object which is having existing records?
No, we cannot create directly. To create first we should create Look up relationship then populate the field value for all the records and then convert the look up relationship to master detail relationship.

18. What will happen if we undelete junction object and normal object from recycle bin?
Master – Detail Relationship data types will be converted to look up relationship data types.
If we undelete any object from recycle bin, then all master detail relationship will be changed to lookup relationship.

19. What will happen if we delete child object in case of look up relationship and master detail relationship?
In case of lookup relationship, we can delete parent object or child object. When parent object will be deleted, the value of lookup relationship field in all child records will become blank.
In case of master-detail relationship, if parent object contain roll up summary, then system will not allow you to delete child object.Also you cannot delete parent object in master detail relationship.

20. Is it possible to filter the records which are coming in look-up window when we click on lookup icon?
Yes, define filter criteria while defining the look up relationship.

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  1. Thanks for the explanation. But in answer 19 u have mentioned that we cannot delete parent in master-detail relationship.

  2. 19. What will happen if we delete child Object in case of look up relationship and master detail relationship?

    this is what actual question I think.

    1. are correct. I have updated the question.

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