Friday, May 13, 2016

Salesforce Interview Questions-Workflow & Approval Process Part-2

6. Difference between workflow rule and approval process?
Workflow Approval
They are activated when a record is saved. Approval process are triggered by explicitly clicking the "Submit for Approval" button.
Workflow consists of single step and different action Approval process consists of multiple steps. Also different action is taken based upon whether the record is approved or rejected.

7. Is it possible to start approval process after records is created in salesforce without clicking on submit for approval button?
Yes. Process builder or apex trigger can be used to initiate approval process when record is created.

8. How we can achieve dynamic approval process like approve of position record should be user defined in hiring manager field of position?
It is possible through apex triggers because in standard approval process, you need to define approver while creating approval process.

9. Is it possible to skip steps in approval process?
In processes that have steps that are optional depending on criteria, use the skip step feature.
To skip steps, use filter criteria or formula, then choose what should happen to records that do not meet the criteria. The options are:
- Approve Record (approves the request and performs all final approval actions).
- Go to Next Step (skips this step and goes to the next step).

10. Can we implement multilevel approval process in salesforce?
Yes. Define different steps in approval process.

11. Can we update parent record with workflow field update?
Yes, only if relationship is master detail. If it is look-up relationship, then it is not possible.


  1. for 11th Answer : we can updates fields pf parent in both master detail relationship as well as in look up

    1. No, we can't update in case when relationship is lookup between objects. Kindly confirm at you end.

  2. is it new addition rinky in the new release

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